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Snow & Ice Services

SMG Landscapes offers snow and ice services

We take care of the whole property and constantly monitor our properties to keep the snow and ice hazards managed as best as possible.  SMG Landscapes takes care of all aspects of snow removal- snow plowing, snow haul for areas without a lot of snow storage, shoveling and putting ice melt down on walkways, spreading gravel on icy parking lots, removing ice and slush when it warms up, draining areas that fill in the spring with all that melted snow...the list of services we provide to keep a property well-maintained in the winter months goes on and on.  

Managing ice and snow properly reduces potential slip and fall incidents.  As a property owner or manager, such detailed maintenance protects you from liability.  A well-maintained property is a safe property.

If you would like a quote on snow and ice maintenance services, contact us anytime at or (907)333-4413.

If you are a property manager, we would welcome the opportunity to bid on condo and homeowner association properties. Please send rfp's to us via email, or call 907.333.4413.

Regular commercial services offered

(tailored by property depending on need)


We have a fleet of commercial plow trucks and loaders to remove the most snow as efficiently as possible. Our basic plow trigger is 2". 

Shovel Sidewalks and Entrances

For your safety and convenience, we clear the entrances and pathways after snowfall of approximately 1".

Ice Melt

We apply ice melt every time we shovel to remove any residual ice and help keep new ice from forming.  We are proactive and monitor properties to keep the surfaces as safe as we can.  We are careful not to over-use products to help keep your prices down.

Snow stacking

We have the equipment to stack the snow to maximize the snow storage area to minimize your cost.

Snow Haul Away

We actively monitor the snow storage areas and haul away the snow as needed.

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