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Landscape & Security Lighting

Security Lighting

There are several options for lighting when considering security, deterring break-ins, theft, etc. Some lights can just flood the area, or you can use motion detectors.  Ask us about security lighting options, or request a quote. 


Our professionals can design your lighting system so the lights are in the correct place to provide the best illumination of your lawn and property.


We provide a clean installation with no exposed lighting or loose fixtures.  We route the wires for minimal impact on existing landscaping.


We check the lights make sure all the lights are operating properly, clean the lenses and replace bulbs as necessary.

Lighting Options and Styles

We offer cutting edge LED solutions for low power consumption and long life.  We also have a large selection of Halogen lighting systems in a wide variety of styles.  We can highlight an architectural element of your home or yard, provide stylish pathway lights, light up walkways and entrances with barely noticeable fixtures, or install lighting that changes in color or intensity right from your smartphone!

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